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Orlife Global is one of the strong and reliable companies of the essential and fixed oil sector, which was established with completely domestic capital. Our company has determined the principle of “quality first” at the beginning of its journey and continues on its way without compromising this principle.

Orlife Global has an important place in the national and international essential oil, hydrosol and fixed oil supply chain. As a strategy, our company first determines natural products used for health and beauty for thousands of years in the world, then supplies these products to global markets after ensuring their quality. Turkey is one of the important floras of the world with more than 10,000 different plant species. For this reason, Orlife Global also supplies unique essential and fixed oils obtained from Turkey.

Orlife Global supplies its products directly from the first producer, not from intermediary companies. In this way, we can be sure of every stage of the production process. Every product supplied from our domestic or overseas sources are subjected to necessary quality control processes, and the results are clearly shared with our stakeholders. Products that meet the international quality standards are included in the Orlife Global product line. In addition, quality control analyzes are repeated in each batch of the products to ensure the sustainability in quality.

Working with a team of experts and professionals from different sectors, Orlife Global meets both domestic and overseas demands by utilizing its strong international network. Orlife Global, which primarily guarantees quality and sustainability, provides its products to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, health professionals dealing with scientific research and aromatherapy all over the world.

As Orlife Global, we will continue to serve our customers in the light of modern science.

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