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Why Orlife


Orlife Global is a leading company in the essential oil, hydrosol and fixed oil sector with its high quality and rich product variety, operating in the field of domestic and overseas trade. Our company has determined the principle of “Quality First” at the beginning of its journey and offers its customers 100% pure and natural essential oils, hydrosols and fixed oils.

For Orlife Global, quality is the basic necessity in every stage of our supply chain. For this reason, our product portfolio includes only the products whose quality is guaranteed. Every product is procured directly from the producers, not from intermediary companies and quality control analyzes are carried out in the accredited laboratories.

Quality begins with the source of the oils. This journey starts with our traveling around the world to find the first producer. The level of their knowledge, their respect for nature, their ethical trade and sustainable cultivation awareness have provided the establishment of long-term relationships with our suppliers. As Orlife Global, long term relationships with suppliers is preferred instead of a one-time product supply, to ensure quality assurance and sustainability.

When the samples of the products arrive at our headquarter in Istanbul, it is immediately subjected to a detailed quality control analysis in nationally accredited laboratories. First, GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass spectrometry) analysis which is the most important method for identifying the composition of essential and fixed oils is performed to guarantee quality of the products. Pesticide and microbial contamination analysis are also carried out in addition to GC/MS tests. If the results are satisfactory according to the international standards, that product is included in the Orlife Global family. It is important for our company not to use GMO’s in the source of our products. Each batch of the oils is subjected to GC/MS analysis to ensure persistence of product quality. The analyses we have performed on the samples and the close relationship with the producers guarantee the purity of essential oils, hydrosols and fixed oils of Orlife Global.

Quality control results of the products are shared with our customers clearly. Each product and their sources are introduced to public with their Latin, Turkish and English names. Labels and boxes are specifically designed to give all the specifications about the product. In this way, our customers and consumers can be sure of the composition of our products and decide on which oil they should buy.

Orlife Global also organizes training courses and workshops together with the experts in natural product sector. In this way, Orlife Global strengthens the public awareness regarding the correct use of essential oils and secures constant feedback from the consumers. It will be a great pleasure for us to see you in Orlife Global family on this journey inspired by nature.

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