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Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil

 Avocado, Persea gratissima, is a fruit native to Central America, grown in warm temperate and subtropical climates throughout the world. The pulp of this fruit contains about 60% oil, 7% skin, and approximately 2% seed [1].

The composition of Avocado oil has a wide range of essential saturated and unsaturated fatty acids; these include palmitoleic, palmitic, oleic, linolenic and linoleic acid. Avocado oil  is rich in vitamins A, B and D and lecithin phospholipid. phospholipids play important structural and metabolic roles in living cells. Other nonlipid components present in Avocado oil include chlorophylls (11-19 mg/kg oil) and carotenoids (1.0-3.5 mg/kg oil) [2].

Carotenoids in Avocado Oil have long attracted attention for their potential anti-carcinogenic effect; The most significant carotenoid present in the oil is lutein (0.5-3.3 mg/kg oil). Lutein is beneficial for eye health by reducing the progression of age-related macular degeneration. The cold-pressed avocado oil also contains high levels of phytosterols (b-sitosterol being the main sterol present). Avocado Oil is associated with cardiovascular system benefits and anti-inflammatory effects [1,2,3].



Avocado oil can be used alone or blended with your other favorite base oil.

This oil is suitable for all skin types, ideally suitable for dry, dull, or mature skins.

Topically,  It is used in cosmetic and massage applications with its softening, nourishing, regenerating, antioxidant, and soothing effects. It acts as a moisturizing and anti-aging agent due to its vitamin E, Omega-6 and Omega-9 content. It helps to soothe inflammation. It is an ideal oil for after-sun care. It can help soothe sunburn and relieve irritation quickly.

This oil is ideal for dry, dull or fragile hair.


Suggested Uses:

Add to a 20 ml bottle: 10 ml Sea Buckthorn oil, 10 ml Avocado oil, 2 drops Geranium essential oil, 3 drops Fine Lavender essential oil, then shake to mix well. Use this mixture as a sun care serum.


Warning & Safety Requirements:

  • If you are pregnant or lactating, please consult with your doctor before using any product containing essential oils.
  • Do not use it internally, unless directed by a licensed Aromatherapist or Physician.
  • Not suitable for children.


Storage Conditions:

Store oils in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children.



INCI: Persea Gratissima Oil
Cas No: 8024-32-6
Batch/Lot No: 20051104
Stok Kodu: -
Botanik adı: Persea gratissima
Bitki Ailesi: Lauraceae
İçindekiler: %100 Saf Avokado Yağı
Elde Ediliş Metodu: Soğuk Sıkım
Elde Edilen Kısım: Meyve
Menşei: Dominik Cumhuriyeti
Renk: Sarı-Yeşil
Yoğunluk: Ağır
Absorpsiyon: Yavaş Emilim, Yağlı His
Dahili Kullanım: Uygun Değil
Yetiştirme Yöntemi: Geleneksel Üretim
Üretim Sonrası Raf Ömrü: Doğru kriterler altında saklandığı takdirde max. 12 ay
Şişe Kapağı Açıldıktan Sonra Kullanım Süresi: 9 ay